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John Whitehead and the Rutherford Institute

The Rutherford Institute is a Virginia-based legal organization founded in 1982 by John Whitehead and the Chalcedon Foundation, with financial assistance from the Coors Foundation. Chalcedon founder and Christian reconstructionist R.J. Rushdoony was on the Rutherford Institute's first board of directors. Council for National Policy (CNP) members figure prominently throughout the Institute's history, including Whitehead, Rushdoony, and founding board member Howard Ahmanson. Founding board member Franky Schaeffer also produced a number of films with Whitehead, including Religious Apartheid and The Second American Revolution.

The Institute is named for the 17th century Scottish minister Samuel Rutherford, the author of 'Lex Rex'. Rutherford defied the King of England, citing God's laws as higher than the King's authority. When the two are found in conflict, moral individuals, according to Rutherford, are to follow God's legal code.

The cases and tactics of the Rutherford Institute, when taken in combination with the modern Biblical American media showcasing of its cases, may be seen as a perfect instrument by which to implement Gary North's "brushfires" strategy.

Whitehead insists that he "condemns violence," yet he offered to represent Paul Hill, the compulsory pregnancy advocate who murdered an abortion doctor and bodyguard with shotgun blasts to their heads in Pensacola, Florida. Paradoxically, Whitehead has written that he considers "his number one priority the defense of the sanctity of all human life."

The abortion holocaust is, without a doubt, the most crucial issue of our day. Now is the time for everyone concerned about protecting the rights of the unborn to act. (From the back of the Rutherford Institute Report, volume 4, Arresting Abortion (emphasis in the original)

The Rutherford Institute maintains a number of offices in the U.S. and other countries.

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Rutherford Institute report from 1985

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