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Suppose we all "slam" Jesus on his holiday?
By Lauren Sabina Kneisly

Time: Thu, 07-Oct-1999 20:48:23 GMT     

Perhaps you have missed the point in Mike's
eloquent description of how Ephesians 6:12 is
playing out in practical application. Let me make
it real clear to you:

I am a Witch.

You therefore don't see me as a person who has
come to different conclusions than you
christians, and who has done so of her own free
will, NOT out of rejection of your christian
god. Come on folk, what narcissism, that you
would even assume my religion has ANYTHING to do
with you! You are nothing if not arrogant!

Sorry boys, for most of us, the world doesn't
revolve around your jesus fantasy!

I do not 'represent' some kingdom in opposition
to you, nor am I any sort of revolutionary.

Your spiritual warfare/capture the flag games of
are of your own making; imagine that, man
'creating' god, what else is new?

So, what we're discussing here is NOT that we're
in some deep philosphical 'debate' but rather
how, when you come at us, (who would really
rather be left alone) you use internal processes
like dehumanizaion as justification for our
ultimate eradication.

I'm a Witch. To me, that's simply my internal set
of language and symbols, to you it's a buzz word
that triggers a certain response. To you, I have
just self identified as 'enemy of god' or
purposeful rejector of god' to you. For me it has
NOTHING to do with your god. To hear many
christian missionary types speak it is almost
preferanble to be of any other major religion
than a Witch, because others simply 'may not have
heard' whereas Witches as seen as having
rejected. This is also why converting Witches is
such an important passtime for you spiritual
warfare types.  After all, someone from another
religion simply converts, a Witch is seen as
doing a 180. Hense we are viewed as trophies and
evangelism bait.

Every mass movement needs an 'other'. The fact
that more Witches are beginning to come out of
our broomclosets simply gives churches a 'growing
witch threat'. Not dissimilar to your fear of
increasing visibilty of us Queers.

So here we are, and every Sunday, Tuesday, and
Wednesday in churches across this nation, we
witches are subjected to having a 'special place'
reserved for us as 'other'.

Verses like Ephesians 6:12 dehumanize us, and
insist we are to be battled against in your one
sided, and imagined 'war'.  Unfortunately,
although the war may be imagined, your
'prey-hers' translate into actions.

On hallows last year TBN ran Carman's halloween
3:16 "the most expensive christian music event in
history" and here I quote: 'We're going to SLAM
the devil on his own night." The SLAM video which
was premiered that night showed pictures of a
group of men surrounding and beating a 'devil'
with sticks until he lies crumped on the ground.

So if I am considered, to paraphrase, 'Satan
spawn', despite the fact that Witches don't even
believe in the christian concept of devil, or as
advancing 'his [the devil's] kingdom', or
posessed by demons or however you care to
euphamise it this week, how else am I supposed
to take your pop culture but as aimed at folks
like me regardless of my own beliefs. Try
explaining the lack of devil in my theology to
kids with sticks in a dark alley.

To "'SLAM' the 'devil' on his own night" is to
advocate physical consequences to those
'prey-hers' of yours against those in any way
perceived as advancing the 'devil's agenda.'

Now what would happen if I were to say 'we're
going to SLAM Jesus on his own holiday' and
played it on christmas, with a multimillion
dollar budget behind the production and aim it at
youth culture through 'my movements' main pop
icon. A 2 minute 56 second pop song with visuals
of beating the shit out of jesus with sticks? I
do believe there might be a slight uproar.

Yet this is exactly what TBN did to my most
sacred holiday. The southern baptists and others
aim evangelism efforts at Jews on their high holy
days. Quite frankly, you leeches disgust me. But
then I guess these are simply logical outcomes of
some band of people deciding they have the ONLY
*truth* - one that MUST be forced into all others
'for their own good'.

SLAM ran mere days after Mathew Shepard was left
to die on the fence. Next time you bitch about
how TV musn't show anything at all even vaguely
related to some incident you have co-opted for
propaganda value, remeber that after Mathew's
death TBN ramped up the violent rhetoric,
capitalizing on it, and escalating rather than
trying to defuse. No one can take you seriously
when you bitch about violence on TV when your own
television for kids is full of christians beating
the shit out of others.

So talk about angels on the heads on pins all you
like, the practical application is while you
grownups are playing SPIRITUAL warfare, I rarely
hear the 'SPIRITUAL" modifier in settings with
your kids, all I hear is 'WARFARE' with pictures
and words insisting that this warfare is *REAL*.

When Operation Rescue went to Buffalo after the
shooting Rusty Thomas in essence 'owned' the
shooter and the shooting by insisting that their
spiritual warfare was being made manifest in
Buffalo. If dead doctors is the 'owned' outcome
of Operation Rescue's 'Spiritual Warfare' and
they are nothing more than a tip of the iceburg
to what the rest of Biblical America is, us
Witches, and anyone who is not part of the
biblical american movement are being given the
message: repent or die.

To which I reply, I will NEVER SURRENDER NEVER

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