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Personal testimony
By Lauren Sabina Kneisly

Time: Sat, 25-Sep-1999 19:09:32 GMT     


You say

:God's clearly got great things in store for you
:and I believe you've got the makings of an
:wonderful testimony!

I have but one response:

My life is NOT a testimony. It will never be a
tool put to the use of converting others. My
life is simply my life, I lived it.

I have no need of a 'wonderful testimony'. Nor
will I ever convert and allow my life to become
a tool for your social movement used for prying
others open.

I've taken a good hard look at Biblical American
programs like "Becoming a Contagious Christian"
geared toward 'personal testimony enhancements'
as a way of refining each individuals life
message into a tool used against others for
conversion purposes, and quite frankly not only
am I uninterested, I'm repulsed.

When the sum of an individual's life experience
is reduced to nothing more than a crowbar aimed
at the unconverted, your lives become tools and
our lives (as the unconverted) become nothing
more than the conquest of a new mark for your
tallysheets; the equivalent of "another notch in
your bedpost." Predators of all sorts, be they
sexual or Biblical American, are unwelcome in my


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