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Individually or socially, never give in to, nor accomodate, this movement's extremist demands.

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"...a movement of extremism in Christianity"
By Mike Doughney

Time: Sat, 04-Sep-1999 06:33:59 GMT     

:Actually, you have called Christian views
:"extremist" and "Opressive".

As for calling Christian views "oppressive" I'm
not so sure where either of us has done that;
certainly if you search our site for that word
you don't find us using it.  Though I suppose
that "oppressive" is often appropriate when you
look at how certain Christians talk about
non-Christians (and even how they talk about
Christians who aren't as extreme as them), and
what they plan to do with those who don't give
in and become Christians just like them.  Or on
how they railroad single mothers into the
adoption process for their own eugenic

Now as for us calling Christian views
"extremist," perhaps we have.  But it's
important to note that we have Christians
themselves on tape who use the label
"extremist" to describe themselves.  And I'm
not talking about a few nutcases out on the
street.  I'm talking about, in particular, one
person who's guest hosted on the "700 club"
program in place of Pat Robertson, and who
talks to over a hundred thousand people a year,
to single events of over 70,000 people, with
Jerry Falwell in attendance, with endorsements
on video by Barbara Bush, and he's on TBN twice
a week.  This is no Fred Phelps-esque fringe

Care to guess who said these things?  Better
yet, Nick, explain to me how or if you have a
problem with these quotes.  Tell me just how
far this "extremism" goes or ought to go.
Since this is the same guy who has the audacity
to show a physical assault by a Christian
against a non-Christian in his videos, I think
it goes to places where sane people really
don't want to be.

:- You know Jesus was so controversial he was
:- an extremist.  He was an extremist, he was
:- always saying things that jolted everybody.
:- You know all those Pharisees and Sagicees,
:- jolted 'em, jolted 'em, jolted 'em.
:- And his people that were following him, he
:- always hit them hard with an extremist message.
:- You know he'd say stuff like "put your hand to
:- the plow, you dare look back, go home, get
:- outta here."  Extremist.
:- God's wanting, he's raising up a movement.
:- A movement is something that happens, where a
:- lot of people go the same direction at the same
:- time.  And I, my conviction is that God is
:- raising up a movement of extremism in
:- Christianity.  Young people that have a
:- conviction to do what is right, no playing
:- games anymore.  It's time to do what's right.
:- It's time to really live this thing we say we
:- believe.
:- Jesus had all kinds of examples of
:- extremism.  Sometimes y'know, we don't like to
:- get too extreme, because maybe we're afraid of
:- what parents will say.  Sometimes we're afraid
:- that we don't even live up to that extreme
:- message.  Sometimes we're afraid of preaching
:- things that we're not living.  And we know God
:- wants it.  And you can't say it with thunder,
:- with conviction.


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