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Just say "no" to religious addiction
By Mike Doughney

Time: Fri, 03-Sep-1999 14:36:36 GMT     

:Mike, if you want to be left alone then why do
:you operate this message board?

This board was originally intended for something
resembling reasoned discussion.  Unfortunately
it's become a mirror of the rest of politics and
culture: the evangelical wingnuts like yourself
monopolize it with their repetitive mindless
rhetoric that I've heard hundreds if not
thousands of times before.

There is really nothing to discuss with people
who parrot the same old canned rhetoric over and
over again.

If someone took it upon themselves to sell you
some crack, wouldn't you say no, no matter how
many times they tried?  Well it's like that.  No
matter how much you try, no matter how many
nooks and crannies you try to get into so that
we can't avoid you, my answer to your "Jesus"
sales pitch - and that of most people - is still
going to be "no."  Both because I have no
interest and because I really don't think it's
all that good for you, in the same way that most
if not all addictions aren't good for you.

The fact that people like you won't go away is
your problem, not mine.  Just because I give you
a place to play doesn't imply that your
monopolization of this space was my intent - it
certainly wasn't.  Besides, you can be so
educational to watch sometimes, but only
sometimes, in the way that watching people
engage in mental masturbation to convince
themselves their fantastic fantasies are true is
only occasionally entertaining.

:If people should be left to their own
:decisions, then what is it you are trying so
:desperately to accomplish?

Am I desperate?  Certainly not.  Not like some
people who lurk here full-time and frantically
post a response to every message.  I have better
things to do with my time.

As for what this is about, it's about not being
afraid to say "no" to religious conversion, and
not giving an inch to those who think full-time
proselytization is an answer to every problem.

By the way, sending me e-mail is a waste of your
time, unless of course repeating the same old
thing over and over to yourself is your idea of
a productive and good time.  I don't reply to
such e-mail with more e-mail, since I'm here to
educate others out there and not type into a
byte-bucket (or /dev/null if you prefer).  And
two items in your e-mail are just more examples
of the insanity of evangelical culture, that
really need to be held out here and commented

You wrote:

: A departure from Biblical principles in any
:society (including America) results in decline.
:Maybe you should do your history
:homework...don't forget Littleton.

First, demonstrate for me that America is in
"decline."  It is not, by any reasonable
argument.  Sure there are problems.  Fix the
problems, stupid, and don't tell me that sitting
around with your hands in the air and your eyes
closed (let's include mumbling nonsense to
yourself too) is some kind of solution.

Second, why do I have to remind you that
Columbine High was already overrun with
evangelical nutcase kids wearing cammo and
Christian dog tags?  If you and your ilk are
going to make martyrs of your own, why hasn't
someone called you on the fact that the mere
presence of those kids should have prevented the
massacre, to use your twisted logic.

Why didn't that massacre happen at some school
overrun by the "pagan" scum you so despise, at a
school full of Asians practicing their "pagan"
religions, or Native Americans, or at some other
place that wasn't overrun by evangelical
wingnuts?  Hmmm?

Fact is there really is no way to predict when
or where such a thing will happen.  And a Ten
Commandments on the wall or organized prayer or
making schools a venue for unwanted pursuit a la
the RIOT manual will not result in a solution,
or prevention by some magical means.  It might
only raise tension so that others shoot first,
which perhaps is just what you want.  Every
movement needs its martyrs to get things

:After a moment of thought the Christian replied
:that, of the millions and millions of persons
:killed before birth before abortion, ONE of
:those had the cure for CANCER...

No no no, you got it all wrong.  The one who had
the cure for cancer got flushed down the toilet
on a used Kotex.  Fertilization doesn't
guarantee a pregnancy, even without anyone's
intervention, dontcha know.

Now be careful there, you're sounding like the
eugenic arguments that Hitler and others have
used for economic growth.  Time to dust off
those motherhood medals, isn't it?


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