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Christian revolutionaries imitating Communists
By Mike Doughney

Time: Thu, 26-Aug-1999 03:08:30 GMT     

:However, they haven't taken a deep enough look
:at the facts. Just look at American history even
:at a glance. Those men of influence who held the
:materialistic world-view have been the movers &
:shakers of the "status quo". Those capitalists
:who hold the same view have enjoyed the power
:almost across the board.

Oh, okay.  Confirm for me that the latest
generation of Christians have more in common with
leftist Communist revolutionaries attempting to
overthrow capitalism and the prevailing social
order, advocating revolution as a solution for
all problems, than with anyone else (certainly
with me).

If you want a destructive civil war of
revolution, don't be surprised when most everyone
else disagrees. By all means make my case easier
to make.

If you want some confirmation that active
imitation of Communist methods and imagery are
taking place in Christian pop culture, take a
look at the video at  The
writer advocates a "common solution," a panacea
that I certainly won't agree to and neither will
most people. Remember when they say "I will never
say I am sorry, I will never say I am wrong"
they're just imitating people like Lenin and
Hitler in their quest to right past wrongs that
they manufactured in their own heads for their
own people.  Note that their videos only show
Christians incarcerated and shot at, and ignores
the reality of the fact that it's not Christians
who are getting killed in present-day bombings
and shootings.

I'll skip the rest with the observation that
paragraph breaks are a really, really good thing,
particularly when you're trying to indicate to
the rest of the world that you're sane and that
you aren't just filling up space with words to
convince yourself that you are right.

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