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Those linguistic tactical nukes
By Mike Doughney

Time: Tue, 17-Aug-1999 02:14:12 GMT     

Nick whimpers:

:Abortion is KILLING.  Plain, simple, undeniable.
:You have ended a beating heart.  Quit lying to
:the world.  Quit whining about people willing to
:take a stand about this genocide and honestly
:call it what it is.  It is an easy way to make
:someone else pay for your bad decisions.

People who've built careers around a particular
ideological system and are obsessed with growing
their own organizations, motivating their people
and keeping themselves employed doing what they
enjoy often find that the best way to do that is
to demonize the outside world.

The 'animal-rightists' do this by pronouncing to
the world, "Meat is murder."  That makes
themselves the only pure ones and everyone else
the enemy - murderers, to boot - and targets upon
which they can act with impunity.  Calling
someone a "murderer" is perhaps the best way to
incite vigilante action, isn't it?

Now I'm sure poor old (and presumably
meat-eating) Nick hadn't considered that some
people out there consider him a murderer and
somewhere on the vigilante target list, though
not being a rancher, a furrier or a McDonalds
outlet, I doubt if he'll find his property being
burned down anytime soon.  Though I understand
there's a McDonalds in Belgium that's recently
become a smoldering ruin as a result of this line
of reasoning, if I even dare legitimize it with
the term "reason" since there's none there.

Now if the whole point is to figure out how to
convince your people that they are not to be part
of the world, while acting on the world, perhaps
one of the best ways to pull that off is to
figure out how to demonize virtually everyone
except yourselves.  And inventing the phrase
"abortion is murder" is a remarkably effective
way of doing that, since there's almost as many
people who've been involved in some way with an
abortion sometime in their lives, or have dared
listen to some recording artist who helped
benefit Planned Parenthood, or is in some way
connected to the so-called "culture of death" as
there are meat-eaters in this country.

It's all very simple, really, and it's just a
form of applied narcissism.  Tell a bunch of
people they're a "holy race" and instruct them in
the means of "holy racism;" only they are fit to
govern, only they are fit to raise kids, only
they are fit to hold jobs.  Make certain to set
up the conditions so everyone else is a
second-class citizen; start with those groups who
are historically disadvantaged (queers, doctors
who do abortions) and work your way through.
(But of course you can't target racial groups
since that's certainly never politically correct
anymore.) Bomb the bars and the clinics first and
then work your way up to the biotech
labs. Eventually it's obvious - you hate
everything that has anything to do with the
outside world, that is not part of what you are.
(And I have the video with a well-connected
evangelist using the "hate" word in front of a
thousand teenagers in just that context, in case
you were about to quibble over my usage.)

I'm talking about setting up the conditions for
civil war.  Is that what you were thinking of,
what you were planning on supporting, Nick?

If you weren't, than perhaps you should consider
moderating this language that exists solely to
demonize the outside world from where you're
standing, and that justifies action and violence
on the part of those who think they have nothing
to lose.


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