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Adoption for church growth 2
By Lauren Sabina Kneisly

Time: Mon, 05-Apr-1999 21:18:57 GMT     

:What was this rant all about?  How can you hate
:the idea of adoption so much?

Nick you're back to 'hate' again. All I did was
give a ton of logical reasons adoption should be
questioned. Try to get the 'hate' button in your
own rhetoric unstuck.

:I have known MANY people that were adopted and
:found themselves in loving, caring homes.

Did I EVER say I spoke for ALL adoptees? Did I
ever say I did not come from a loving caring home?

:Some have not but I am relatively certain that
:most believe their lives were helped.

So you're either willing to write off the kids in
'bad homes' or their lives were 'helped by
adoption' even if they were in a 'unloving,
uncaring home'? Either way, you're nuts! Are you
actually willing to say an unloving, uncaring home
is better than not being adopted?

:I would never minimize the sense of loss a birth
:mother feels throughout her life after giving up a

Actually, you just did. 'Giving up' is one hell of
an asumption; it implies consent, where there may
not have been any, so you've ALREADY minimized her
sense of loss. Sorry your language gives you
away. Mainly what I see, though, is christians
working her anguish towards her conversion, she
'needs god's peace'.

:I know, having talked to woman that have
:undergone abortions, almost no woman come away
:from an abortion without deep emotional and
:spiritual scarrs.

Now that's a nifty assumption, isn't it? ALL
abortions 'break' a womyn; that is the assumption
underlying 'post abortion syndrome' that ALL
abortions equal trauma, and anyone who comes away
fine is 'in denial'. Seems to me, you're the one
denying: the birthmother's anguish. Label it
'pain' when everything's fine (abortion) and label
it fine when everything's broken
(birthmother). Now I readily admit I'm
generalizing, here, but this is what you just
did. I also believe the majority percentages would
easily bear me out, not that ANYONE is out there
doing the research (just try getting that one

:No aborted child ever comes away without those
:same scarrs.

And thus the christian imperitive to action. I
guess since '"bay-bees" are dying' you HAVE to DO
SOMETHING. My only question is how far that 'DO
SOMETHING' in the face of 'dying bay-bees' goes?
Maybe not for you, (today) all the way to
shooting, but for some it does.

:I am praying for you.

Without my consent, I might add. As usual, here we
have a fine example of a christian overriding
consent and pushing through 'no' (on the small
scale, not the shooting doctors scale).  Meanwhile
this Witch quietly refrains from casting spells
for you, as I can imagine nothing more unethical
than doing so without your consent. Thus I rest my

And to think they accuse us Witches of 'spiritual
warfare', looks a little one sidded to me!



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