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Don't prey for me
By Lauren Sabina Kneisly

Time: Sat, 03-Apr-1999 19:58:16 GMT     

:1) Dont pray for me unless you want some spells
:comming your way.

Hey!!! That's my line! I practice consensual
religious practices.  Quite frankly, being a
witch, I find 'preying for you' rude. You don't
have my consent to prey for me. Witches don't cast
spells for others without their consent, often
folk will specifically REQUEST spell work be done
for them, but spells out of the blue without
consent are a no, no. Christians, on the otherhand
think they can prey for whoever they want, any
time they want, without the intended's consent,
how pointless, ineffective, and flat out RUDE!!!
Religious imperialism, if you ask me. AND what
prey tell are those preyers for - that I'll change
that I'll stop? How would the Christians like it
if I began casting spells that their children
would abandon Christianity? RUDE evil and WRONG!!!
As usual, consent, freewill, and basic politeness
are absent.

: 2) Wouldnt force anybody to be a Christian?
: Ummm...


Perhaps Nick here 'suppossedly' wouldn't, but many
certainly would. Yes I've got that on tape as
well. Besides Nick, if you calim you want 'god to
rule the world' how exactly is that carried out?
Many christians would argue christ lives now
inside of them as the holy spirit. Some would say
'christ has no body now but yours'. By that
arguement, the christians, themselves are to 'step
aside' and let god have his way using their bodies
here on earth to build this so called kingdom of
god on earth (one of many theologies, I know). So
with this non-sense running around, how are we
mere humans suppossed to differentiate between
'god ruling the world' and 'christians ruling the
world' for everyone else's good (ie go put your
'bad' behaviours in the closet if you want to
live, otherwise we'll have to kill you for your,
and god's own good.) Sounds like non-sense, but
nonsensical justifactions have been used for many
a genocide.

:3) I'm not here to win your heart or your mind
:except as a door prize.  I'm here to let you all

Well, yes! I'M not out for conversions. I'M not
out to change people living quietly and
happily. (unless of course their happiness begins
past the point of other people's noses. Those
gaining happiness by pounding upon others, are not
'safe sane and consensual') And yes, 'fighting' to
the very end is what it's about. For some of us,
closets and conversion are something christians
enforce over our dead bodies. We've read our
history and understand that closets=death. We've
experienced it ourselves.  We know that
'conversion' is but the first of millions of
unending demands to be placed upon us. You don't
just 'give in' once.  Besides, as I've already
stated, 'soul winning' is not my game.

:4) With the history of Religous violence that
:seems to come out of the fundimentalist branches
:of your religion, dont you think after 100-125
:million murders that you all cause some folks
:might be a littel aprehensive about a government
:run according to your principles?  Come on say
:something to calm my fears...Ooops you cant,

Hang out here anytime, we can use the 'back
up'. See, I have a life, and can't spend all of my
time on boardrooms.

:5) You didnt answer my questions asshole.

They tend not to. But he has a 'god' excuse, you
gave him three choices and he's used to only
thinking in dualism.



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