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The right to be left alone
By Lauren Sabina Kneisly

Time: Sat, 03-Apr-1999 17:40:53 GMT     

:It is really sad how much anger and hate
:you allow to seep into your rhetoric.

I find it VERY interesting how often we are
accused of hating, or being angry, or using
rhetoric. (projection, perhaps?)

To the contrary, I don't 'hate' anyone, rather I
argue for the right to be left alone. Personally,
I'd prefer a world in which I don't have to wade
through an endless stream of idiots hell bent on
trying to change me for being queer, for being a
witch, for being a radical feminist, and for
basically being anything other than one of
them. It's not hate to say I'm not interested in
being wit-lessed to. It's not hate to criticize
behaviours. Nor is it hate to call it like I see

As for anger, I'm actually, believe it or not, an
incredibly happy person. Somewhere along the way,
an awful lot of my dreams came true, and I'm quite
content. I must admit, the times I do get angry
are when I see viciousness and injustice; womyn
attacked from trying to access basic healthcare,
Queers beaten with baseball bats in side streets,
African Americans denied loans simply due to the
neighborhood they live in. Do these things make me
angry? Yeah. They piss me off! When I can, I do
something about it. To do otherwise, for me would
seem to indicate a lack of compassion, or
humanity. Anger can be a a response to injustice;
when a rapist harms a womyn, I get mad, get it?

Now I suppose you might think the above is
rhetoric. If so, you're living in a sheltered
environment and not the real world.  It's not
rhetoric to try to expound upon ideas. I am not
parroting party lines, like 'abortion is murder',
or 'abortion is the american holocaust;' these are
rhetoric. Personally, looking at my writings, what
I see are real responses to real
issues/questions/etc. I don't care whether you
decide to recognize it as such or not, but just
remember, I'm not the one sloganieering here.

:The really absurd thing about your deeply flawed
:argument is how easy it is to spot the nonsense.

Ah, so we're back to 'there is a right answer'
time. I suppose you would have the 'right answer'
up your sleve don't you? Had it EVER occurred to
you, that perhaps some of us simply disagree
fundamentally with the truths YOU hold sacred?
Quite frankly, your 'right answers' don't work for

:I really don't know why you can't turn your hatred
:on to identifying and punishing the man that would
:have sex with a 14 year old but I guess it sort of
:fits with the whole "no consequences" school of

Well, actually, no. I was a sexually active 13
year old, and quite frankly the notion of
pregnancy as 'punishment' for sexual activity
simply won't fly with me, based upon MY own
experiences.  To further befuddle your little
brain, before you jump to 'we should punish
whatever man was having sex with you at 13', you
can't. SHE and I were both consentual partners,
and pregnancy was simply not a fear.

If children are some 'great blessed event' to you,
then why is pregnancy reguarded a punishment of
sexual expression, or as evidence of sexuality?
So, let me guess, you like so many other of your
ilk: now that you have pregnant 14 year old, what
do you recommend she DO with said resultant child?
As you've already said adoption in your other
message? Let's see a: abortion, no. b: Bear it to
term, yes.

Now here is the fundamental flaw in your thinking:
you seem to think there are 3 options when a womyn
finds hereself pregnant: 1: abortion, 2: parent,
and 3: Adoption. *WRONG!* She only has a. and b.,
once she has either chosen, or been forced in to
b. (bearing to term), then she is faced with
I. do I keep it myself, or II.  do I place it for
adoption. Don't fool yourself into thinking for
one minute it's her 'choice' most 14 year olds are
not allowed to 'choose' here. This is a
non-decision that gets made for her.

a. above to most of our experiences makes her not
a mother (argue all you like, having an abortion
means you are not a mother.) b.  above makes you a
mother or parent.  Now all that's left is does she
get to mother the child herself, or will she
instead be the mother of a child she will be
barred by law from seeing, touching, parenting,
and otherwise having as part of her life.

Should you take the pregnancy as punsihment view,
then being a mother never allowed to be with her
child fits doesn't it? You are cruel!


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