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Longevity doesn't imply validity
By Mike Doughney

Time: Wed, 31-Mar-1999 17:37:20 GMT     

:I have to pose this question: How has Christainity
:survived for almost 2000 years if there was not
:some validity too it?

All that the longevity of any religion or belief
system indicates is that it's been successful in
perpetuating itself.

As anyone who hasn't been living under a rock
already knows, there are thousands of religions
and belief systems all over the world - many of
which are much older than Christianity - that I'm
sure you would think are completely invalid.  I
would guess that most American Christians wouldn't
think there was much "validity" in, for instance,
Maoism or Hinduism.  How have they survived?

They've survived because they've figured out how
to perpetuate themselves, not because their
doctrines are somehow "valid."  People continue to
follow failed political ideologies all over the
world, for instance, such as various forms of
Marxism; and just as with Christianity, they can
claim that they haven't been successful because
they haven't tried hard enough yet.  That trying
can keep people busy for millentia, can't it?

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