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Countering 'Coercive Pregnancy Indoctrination Centers'
By Lauren Sabina Kneisly

Time: Mon, 29-Mar-1999 18:11:11 GMT     

:How wonderful and refreshing to find you and your
:site.  Your article on Choice, An Obsolete
:Strategy, is brilliant.  We reached this decision
:for ourselves October of last year.  We are a
:ON DEMAND WITHOUT APOLOGIES! people who live in
:the unwed teen-aged mother capitol of the world.
:Riverside and San Berdo, CA.

Thank you much - blush!

Glad to hear Pro-aborts loud and proud! 

:A cultural ghetto of pro-life.  Ads in the paper
:tout the birth choice clinics, billboards all over
:town and school nurses which can only teach

Ah, taken territory. We always appreciate reports
from the front lines.

:We have just recently gotten a 1 vote majority on
:the school board.  I personally have taken 16
:girls for abortions.

I'd be interested in hearing more about both of

:Girls who were frightened to death to have
:powerful vacuum cleaners put up in their po-pos.
:Girls who had never heard of planned parenthood,
:birth control or the morning after pills.  Girls,
:honest to god, who thought abortion was illegal,
:painful, and frightening.

Yup. This is the result of 26 years of demonizing
the procedure, providers, and teaching the mush
that passes for sex ed in too many schools.

If Womyn have never heard anything but
'vermin-ification' stories about reproductive
healthcare, yet are still willing to risk - what
they are taught will result in arrest(?), being
injured(?) etc, that tells me what most of us old
timers, and even compulsory pregnancy advocates
like Bernard Nathanson and Paul Wyrich already
know - making abortion illegal will do nothing more
than create one hell of a black market.

They will NEVER rid America of abortion
(homosexuality, drugs, and other non-resolvable
issues) rather they will attempt to hide it in the
closet. So, if what they are suppossedly fighting
for, is an unresolvable issue, what are they
really fighting for?

Well Pat Robertson made it clear that part of his
big beef with Roe v. Wade was not just the legal
codification of abortion, but rather the provision
for protection of privacy! Perhaps their real
battle is with privacy, autonomy, and individuals
as free moral agents - as oppossed to individuals
answerable to their 'god'.

I still maintain their attacks on abortion and
other issues are nothing more than tactics - not
the underlying agenda.

:How brave they were under these circumstances to
:still seek more information.  Two of these girls
:were 14, one was 13.  A 16 year old was sick.
:Planned parenthood told me she had hepatitis and

Womyn will always seek termination of unwanted
pregnancies. To paraphrase Queer Nation, 'we're
here, we're aborting, get used to it!'

:Abortions were preformed for $30 as a special

Take that all you compuslory pregnancy advocates
insisting that providers are 'only in it for the

:The girls practically danced out of the clinic so
:relieved and happy were they.  But one of them
:chided me.  WHERE ARE YOU GUYS?  Why were you so
:hard to find?

Perhaps THE largest thing we as supporters of
reproductive healthcare access have to overcome is
the marginalization and 'invisibility' of real
information. Most womyn simply have their
abortions and go on about their lives, never
becoming politicized about it, testimony to the
fact that abortion is helathcare, not an 'issue'.

It becomes our job as those working to ensure
access to abortion to take the political heat and
get the word out.

:In order to do SOMETHING we are opening the web

Gotta ask, if you've rejected 'choice' as a
strategy, then why use 'choice' here?

:We will be encouraging people to buy the ads and
:place them in the weekly advertising throwaways.
:Pennysavers, etc, next to the birth choice ads.
:The ACLU has assurred us that if they take their
:ads they will have to take ours or we sue.

Just remember, if a womyn finds herself pregnant,
she has only two options: maintaining the
pregnancy, or abortion. Adoption and all those
other 'options' the CPAs try to confuse womyn
with, are not part of the INITIAL
decision. Adoption is a second decision made AFTER
the decision to carry to term. By calling adoption
an 'option' alongside abortion and self parenting-
they lie. They just outright lie. False and
misleading advertising.

:You stated a bit about the history of the pro-life
:movement.  Is this written in a book somewhere
:where I can get my hands on it?

There is no one text that really covers their, and
our history. I recommend reading a multitude of
sources and putting the puzzle pieces together. I
will turn folk on to a big puzzle piece, though-
start looking at boards of organizations, and
other coalitions of fianciers, politicians,
activists, and strategy types. Investigating
organizations like the Council for National Policy
and others can yeild connections that make agendas
much clearer.

:We know that the Catholic Hospitals are opening up
:"baby drop off points" where they will accept
:abandonen babies for adoption.

Yup. If you can get us any form of documentation,
I'd love to see it.

:The Birth Choice clinics are also arranging
:adoptions but with a twist.  Adopting parents must
:sign that the child will be brought up in the

Actually this is part of the entire 'Coercive
Pregnancy Indoctrination Centers' (fake clinics)
strategy. The CPICs run on several tracks: some
attempt to have blacks and other 'less desirable
babies' (from the perspective of christian
adoption) be parented by the birthmothers who
they give carreer training, bribes and others
gifts toward religious conversion. These womyn are
held up as wonderful examples, and many will
testify to the wonderfullness of the CPIC.

CPICs located closer to colleges and often in
white suburbia will focus upon how the womyn is
not yet ready to parent, career should take
presidence, or is unmarried and child should be
raised in a two parent family, etc. This leads to
a focus for white pregnant womyn upon
adoption/recolonization of the infant. Conversion
is an added side effect, but the resultant infant
is the priority.

From there either womyn may be funneled to a
'shepherding home' or 'maternity home/camp' in
either of which she may loose access to mail,
phone, outside world, etc, and is expected to live
under a tight and often biblical set of rules.

When the child is born, any one of a number of
things may happen (up to an including the child
essentially being stolen). More likely the
'desirable' infant's mother has been talked into
adoption as her best option and has in some cases
been funneled into a christian adoption agency.

When said white pregnant womyn flips through the
Adoption Agency's book of 'perspective parents'
what she may not realize is that in some agencies
all the adoptive families have signed a statement
of faith, had their pastor vouch for them, and has
other good 'chrisitian references'.

In essence, they are usuing adoption,
(particularly international adoption, which is
sometimes little more than outright child
stealing) to grow their movement. In their lingo,
children are gifts from 'god'. Naturally parents
who are unable to conceive are then seen as being
punished by 'god' unless they 'redeem' themselves
by adopting, and thus adding to the next
generation of Christians, ie fulfilling their
'Christian duty'. Self perpetuation as goal.

Then to top it all off, they are working through
organizations like the Nation Council for
Adoption,and legislation like the Uniform Adoption
Act to seal adoptees birth certificates
(permanently if they can get away with it! Thus
hiding any abuses that may have occurred in the
procurement of those children.

In some states Catholic Charities (who do
adoptions) are attempting to set themselves up as
the sole channel through which adoptees and birth
parents could gain access to their records. the
very notion of CC as sole confidential
intermediaries smacks of 'cover up'.

So, how do I know all this? I'm an adoptee.

: Hows that for keeping the movement 

You got it! I suppose they're not having enough
luck with conversions; they've had to resort to
adoption, a high birth rate, and even outright
child stealing as methods of movement growth.

:Can we use your article or parts of it in our
:small newsletter with credits to you?

Go for it, get it out there. I had no idea it was
going to be this popular, there are lots of others
out there feeling pro-abortion's time has come.

: Thanks.  And thanks for being 
:there.  Applause for your brilliance.

Applause for your work! Without folk like you
helping with access, all my theorizing, is just
mental masturbation.

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