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the social movement that seeks to use the Bible as the sole basis of all governance and social interaction.

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Mr. Big Bang & Mr.? Death
By Lauren Sabina Kneisly

Time: Fri, 12-Feb-1999 01:36:04 GMT     

I'm afraid I have to chime in here, as the
co-instigator here at BARF.

In all my years of watching the anti-evolutionists
never have I seen them mirror and project their
'Mr. God' into 'Mr. Evolution' aka 'Mr. Big
Bang'. Personally, I find this facinating. You
have just taken evolution out of the realm of
science and a field of study, and instead
personified it.

This would seem to suggest 'Mr. Big Bang' would
have motivations, feelings, favorite colors, and
pet peeves! Essentially, you've created the
'spirit of evolution' - a sentient being! "Do you
also attribute sentience to the weather - i.e.
Mr. (or Mrs.?) Flood?  Perhaps Mr. Cold Front?
Mrs. Earthquake?

I'm more used to seeing Christians attributing
such things to 'God's' whim - earthquakes as one
of 'God's' tactics, rather than as actual beings.

Of course, I've also seen Flip Benham, director of
Operation Rescue National attributing the death of
Dr. Slepian to a 'spirit of murder' (as opposed to
someone with a high power weapon hiding in the
woods behind the Doctor's house.)

Does all of these so called 'spirits' also absolve
humans of actions? "No officer, you can't try him,
he didn't do it, it was the spirit of murder!"
(Damn, we lose more suspects that way...)

By that 'logic' I'm afraid you have to absolve all
those 'guilty to your mind', doctors who perform
abortions. After all, it was just that sneaky
spirit of murder again.

Just another example of Biblical Americans and
where their thinking ends up... getting kookier by
the day.


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