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Pregnancy evangelism 6
By Mike Doughney

Time: Thu, 11-Feb-1999 10:42:45 GMT     


And finally, you end up with "pregnancy
evangelism."  In the name of the facilities that
they've invented - so-called "crisis pregnancy
centers" - they have codified the assumption that
an unexpected or unintended pregnancy MUST be a
crisis.  And it is on manufactured crises in other
people's lives that the lay evangelist feeds.

Here it becomes clear why an anti-abortion tactic
is necessary.  There was once a time, in the days
of the "Clergy Consultation Service," when clergy
actually helped women obtain the procedure.  Why
would someone like Francis Schaeffer have a
problem with this?  Because no crisis is generated
to make evangelism and conversion, and thus even
more church growth, possible; no guilt over sex,
not even the current fad of the so-called
"post-abortion syndrome" that would have provided
the conditions that facilitate conversion for the
lay evangelist.  If on the other hand, you set up
the social conditions such that every unmarried
individual who is pregnant experiences a "crisis"
that only the evangelist can fix, that a whole
structure is set up to intercept these women and
evangelize to them, this will provide another
source of converts to keep the lay evangelist
culture happy.

There's another reason why we call these centers
CPICs - that stands for, "compulsory pregnancy
indoctrination center."  Its sole purpose, besides
the evangelization and conversion of pregnant
women, is to both insist that women carry
pregnancy to term, and to demand that single women
offer up their children for adoption.  Churches
can only grow three ways: through conversion,
through reproduction, and by the adoption of
children by churchgoing families.  To sustain
growth in an environment with fewer possible
converts, it is inevitable that churches will both
promote practices that produce a high birthrate
(eliminating contraception and pornography that
facilitate self-gratification without possibility
of pregnancy) and promote adoption by families of
the right type, practicing the right form of
religious faith.

How do we know that this is true?  We see examples
throughout our travels and research.  We've seen
an explicit insistence by leaders that single
parenthood is to be discouraged at all costs;
pregnant women, once indoctrinated to believe that
they must bring their pregnancy to term, must be
discouraged from keeping their children, and we
have the videotape to prove it.  We've also
obtained the internal documents from
secular-seeming CPIC's that make it clear that
both to work in their facilities, and to adopt
children from them, you must sign a "statement of
faith" making it clear that prospective adoptive
parents will raise another good Christian to add
to their movement.  While any one facility may
substantially deviate from this model, it's been
clear to us that what we've described here is the
paradigm under which many if not most of these
centers operate.

If you want a better idea of how the Biblical
America movement views issues of reproduction,
view the last
segment of the Bastard Nation video. 
And there's more that we hope to get up on the
site sometime soon.


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