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Pregnancy Evangelism 4
By Mike Doughney

Time: Thu, 11-Feb-1999 09:13:33 GMT     

:Third of all, is case you all haven't noticed,
:abortion is DEATH!

OK, let's see what we've got so far.

1) God is king.

2) Death is bad.

3) Abortion is death.

Now we've already gone over number 2, and if it
wasn't clear to you the point I was trying to make
was that death is not bad.  Death just is.  It's a
matter of opinion and viewpoint as to whether or
not any particular death is "bad."  Perhaps we
should dig through the rantings of some of your
"pro-life" colleagues and see how much some of
them think the death of certain people is a good
and wonderful thing.

:Not just death, I mean DEATH like you shot and
:killed 14 kindergartners in a schoolyard, or DEATH
:like you murdered your ex-husband, or may be just
:DEATH like you decided to drive your car full of
:little boys into the near-by lake!

If there's one thing that is most annoying about
fundamentalist of any stripe, it's their habit of
taking all things of some vague class and making
them all of absolutely equal importance.  The
animal-rights contingent says, "a child is a pig
is a dog is a boy." You have just finished making
a similar equivocation of a whole list of things -
abortion, in particular, included - that are not,
to any reasonable person, equal.

Did you know that, until the early 1980's,
abortion was generally not discussed by most
Protestant evangelicals?  It was only until
Francis Schaeffer and C. Everett Koop, and others,
arrived on the scene with a barrage of propaganda
asserting just such things, that motivated
evangelicals to adopt the all-encompassing litmus
test, the pervasive anti-abortion stand.  Perhaps
you wouldn't know about this, given that the study
of how the evangelical movement got here, what the
history was, is not often discussed.  This matches
the narcissistic "gimme what I want right now,
we'll rewrite history and who cares about the
future sinc we're all gonna get struck down unless
I get what I want NOW" lunacy of today's
evangelical.  Abortion among evangelicals and
fundamentalists, though perhaps not talked about,
was not always the issue it was today.  It's
misleading to imply that today's orthodoxy is
unchanging or that there aren't new elements to it
that have been developed for political and social

But then again, never underestimate the organizing
power of the spurious allegation of an everyday
atrocity.  Which is our whole point: that this is
not about abortion, but about the creation, growth
and perpetuation of a social movement, at the
expense of the rest of us who do not agree with
its beliefs nor its aims.

:Pretty mean, nasty, and scary, isn't it?
:Goodness, what has this world come to?  We KILL
:just for fun? because we want to?  because it's
:the "right" thing to do?  I believe the penalty
:for death is death itself, and the murderers of
:this millenium will one-day face their own
:master/creator, and will truly have to answer for
:the sins or should I say "wrong," they have done.

The "meanness," "nastiness" and "scariness" of
what you've described are entirely dependent on
what degree I buy your movement's propaganda.  I
don't buy it.  Those of us who have not and will
not buy into your particular version of religious
faith will not agree with you.  We have all
collectively said, "no."  There's nothing else to
talk about; there is no debate, because I refuse
to be converted, even if you force conversion on

Now what are you going to do about it?

: God Bless every lost one of you; 

Great. Shall I ask someone I know to cast spells
for you?  How would you like it if someone did
that for you without your permission?

:may you change your minds on this sensitive issue,
:and realize that you are destroying the precious
:creation of the living God.

We aren't going to change our minds, particularly
when this "sensitive issue" as you call it exists
only to be manipulated for political and social
gain.  Now what?

:This isn't about democrats, this isn't about
:republicans, and this isn't even about feminism,
:it's about abolishing the most sacred gift anyone
:will ever give to you, and that's LIFE!

And perhaps it's also about death, since it's
clear to me that a growing element of society
feels that this little tactical item is worth
risking civil war over.

:With love in Christ,

Y'know, I think it's very educational when someone
says they're doing something out of "love" to go
through what they've written or said and
substitute "control" for "love."


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