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Pregnancy Evangelism 3
By Mike Doughney

Time: Thu, 11-Feb-1999 08:46:13 GMT     

:Second of all, life was made to be honored and
:respected, not to be destroyed, as so many of you
:pro-choicers seem to think.

Whenever I read something like this, I get the
feeling that the writer just hasn't taken a good
look around them long enough to notice that "life"
getting "destroyed" is a daily and everyday part
of life, going on constantly all around us.  I
mean, anyone who lives in the northern part of the
U.S. is familiar with the cycle of the seasons.
Fall brings death and renewal.  Spring brings
life.  It's just how things are, y'know?

As for "honoring" and "respecting" life - you're
sounding exactly the same as someone who pushes
the so-called "animal rights" line.  The fact of
the matter is, there is no inherent "honor" or
"respect" for life in nature.  Go spend some time
around a predatory animal that thinks you're
lunch, and you'll get a taste firsthand of how
much nature "honors" and "respects" your life.
(I'll avoid injecting here any comments about
ancient Christians and lions.)

Again, the "honor" and "respect" part is another
presupposition.  I challenge that presupposition
because both nature and history has demonstrated
to me that you can go whine about these things all
you want, to no avail.  When your time's up,
that's going to be it.  These terms are not being
used in any way to improve the quality of life for
anyone; they are instead being used to browbeat
and subjugate those who don't happen to agree with
this particular form of fundamentalism (whether
that be Christian or animal-rights fundamentalism
is quite irrelvant.)

And again, I'm not a "pro-choicer."  I'm an
unapolgetic pro-abort.



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