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Pregnancy Evangelism 2
By Mike Doughney

Time: Thu, 11-Feb-1999 08:33:51 GMT     

:First of all, the only basis for life, is the
:master and creator of life, who is God the father,
:not Mr. Big Bang.

This sentence is an example of what is known as
"presuppositional apologetics," which, whether
stated or unstated, forms much of the basis of
today's lay evangelism.  The only problem with
presuppositionalism - and it is in my view its
fatal flaw - is that it completely denies the fact
that the development of presuppositionalism by
people like Cornelius Van Til is a function of Van
Til's intellect, unless you and everybody else is
willing to declare Van Til a prophet and his
theory to be the revealed word of God.

Presuppositionalism today only serves to help the
everyday fundamentalist avoid challenging his
basic assumptions, by saying that the basic
assumption of God's existence cannot be
challenged.  It's a great way to get yourself on
the road of not challenging anything that's fed to
you and to swallow whole and regurgitate
everything that's presented by church leaders.  It
also fits in well with a worldview that insists
that non-believers are somehow broken or
second-class citizens for not blindly accepting
what believers think is obvious (because they, of
course, are conditioned to never consider what
must be "obvious.")

And as for "Mr. Big Bang," obviously you're
willing to throw away millenia of human thought
and questioning and accept the "creationist" party
line.  Creationism serves a few purposes for
today's fundamentalist.  It's a great way of
implementing the edict that Christians must
"counter the culture," as has been popularized by
Francis Schaeffer and others.  As I see it, this
insistence upon "countering the culture" has just
become an excuse for rudeness and antisocial
behavior, and attempts to circumvent legal due
process to promote an agenda.  What better way of
reinforcing a counterculture is there than by
repeatedly insisting that "everything you know is
wrong," including your public-school teachers, the
entirety of secular science and academe, and
anything that has come to be generally accepted as
the outcome of unhindered scientific research?
That centuries of science, developed by
reasonable, thinking people, should just be thrown
away for the sake of generating conflict, as if
conflict is the only confirmation that the
fundamentalist is actually producing something of

Creationism also works as one form of church-state
conflict, as a test, for the Biblical American
establishment, designed to measure to what degree
they've managed to browbeat school systems across
the country into accepting its agenda.
Church-state conflicts over introducing so-called
"creation science" into public schools again
demonstrates that making government at all levels
subservient to Biblical America leadership is
fundamental to their agenda.  Church participation
will eventually level off unless government
resources are harnessed to make church membership,
and compliance with church edicts, attractive or
advantageous to most of the population.


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