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Pregnancy evangelism 1
By Mike Doughney

Time: Thu, 11-Feb-1999 08:29:09 GMT     

:Unfortunately, I had to stumble upon this page
:while surfing this afternoon, so I'd like to take
:the time to express my views of your pro-choice

We haven't as far as I know placed any
"pro-choice" thoughts on our website.  We are,
instead, explicity and unapologetically
"pro-abortion."  "Choice," without any qualifiers,
says nothing of substance.  There is no "choice,"
in a reproductive rights context, without

"Choice" has been co-opted by the anti-abortion
industry, and is today used throughout their
literature, and even in the names of their
adoption mills (the so-called "Crisis Pregnancy
Centers.")  Its continued use by those who are
working towards abortion access and reproductive
rights only adds further confusion.

See the current article on our front page,
"Choice: An Obsolete Strategy" for more.

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