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Biblical America:
the social movement that seeks to use the Bible as the sole basis of all governance and social interaction.

a resource for all who work to monitor and counter the Biblical America movement.

No white flags:
Individually or socially, never give in to, nor accomodate, this movement's extremist demands.

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Re: Biblical America's agenda not limited to the U.S.
By Mike Doughney

Time: Sun, 07-Feb-1999 04:09:43 GMT     

:I think it is important to bring to everyones
:attention that the agenda of what you term
:"Biblical America" is by no means limited to the
:United States.

When we finally finish our rewrite of our "mission
statement" I do want to include some recognition
of the fact that what they're really after is a
"Biblical Planet."  It's clear though that they'd
like to first harness one large wealthy country
and then use it, its foreign policy and its
resources to "evangelize the world."  Bill Bright
and others have said as much, coming right out and
saying that "evangelizing the world" is America's
only purpose.  Somehow I don't think the rest of
the world will take kindly to the idea of the
Christian Fundamentalist Bomb; perhaps that's one
reason why they demonize China so much.

:Here in Canada we have the influence of such anti
:abortion groups and political groups such as the
:promise keepers.

There's also the Toronto Blessing/Revival, and
more extreme elements such as the British
Israel World Federation (Canada) which is
similar to the Christian Identity folks in the
U.S. and has book stores in Toronto and Vancouver.
It's odd to visit a bookstore in Vancouver and
find that they've got a cache of pamphlets from
extremist groups local to my home!

BTW, almost every "ministry" and televangelist
here in the U.S., people like Pat Robertson, Benny
Hinn and the like, all list Canadian addresses in
their programs.

:We even have a political party with a right wing
:religious agenda.  The reform parties leader
:Preston Manning is well known for his religious
:beliefs and his father Ernest Manning was the a
:minister and the premier of Alberta.

To what degree do you think the right-wing
religious elements in Alberta are the result of
U.S. migration there as a result of the oil

I'll leave you with this image, which I downloaded
about a year ago from the Brownsville
Revival web site about a year ago.
Unfortunately the original image has since been
removed from that site...


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