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BARF Primary Source Material

TheCallDC: Fred Markert, partial transcript

Fred Markert is chairman of YWAM Strategic Frontiers in Colorado Springs, Colorado.

0001   Let the word of God speak to your spirit. Of the
0002   increase of his kingdom and increase there will be no
0003   end. My God is big enough for his kingdom to increase
0004   every single day on this planet with no end to the
0005   increase of that kingdom. Is your god big enough to do
0006   that? Mine is.
0008   You know what I love? The next part of the verse. A
0009   great scripture. It doesn't depend on the zeal of the
0010   church or your zeal, your zeal goes up and down like mine
0011   does, but the Bible says the zeal of the Lord of hosts
0012   will accomplish this. It's God's zeal that will extend
0013   his kingdom to the ends of the earth.
0015   In his people - we're living in one of the most momentous
0016   days of all of spiritual history. I envy your
0017   generation, because the church in many ways has had an
0018   incomplete vision. We've been stuck in Isaiah 53 that
0019   says this: it says by the blood of Jesus, by his blood
0020   are washed free our sins, washed of our iniquities. He's
0021   crushed for us.
0023   We've been stuck in Isaiah 53. There's no separation in
0024   the Hebrew chapters of the Bible. Isaiah 54 is the
0025   completion of Isaiah 53 and it says this: it says, do not
0026   hold back, I want you to spread out to the right and to
0027   the left, your descendants will posess nations and
0028   inhabit desolate cities. The full vision of God is to
0029   wash us in the blood of Jesus so that we can posess
0030   nations that inhabit desolate cities.
0032   If this revolution stays right here in America it's
0033   incomplete. If your vision is only for your high school,
0034   your city or your own country it's incomplete. Our God
0035   is a god who thinks globally.
0037   When people ask me what's my vision, I say "total
0038   galactic domination." That's the vision of God. Total
0039   galactic domination for his kingdom. We're saved and
0040   washed in the blood of Jesus to posess nations and
0041   inhabit desolate cities.
0043   How big is your vision? Hear the word of the Lord your
0044   God. In Psalm 2:8: "Ask and I will give you the nations
0045   as your inheritance to the end of the earth as your
0046   posession." How big is your vision? What are you asking
0047   God for? New car or better girlfriend, better parents or
0048   brothers or sisters? God wants to give you the nations
0049   of the earth. He's looking for people who will stand up
0050   and say "Give me India or I will die." "Give me China or
0051   I will die."
0053   And God is trying to stir his people to this vision in
0054   the end times. In Zephaniah 2:11, you cannot fail at this
0055   task. We will not fail at getting the gospel of the Lord
0056   Jesus Christ planted in every country. In Zephaniah
0057   2:11, you think you're a radical, listen to God. It
0058   says, "The Lord will be awesome, when he destroys all of
0059   the gods of the land." The nations on every shore will
0060   worship him every one in its own land." My Bible says
0061   the kingdom of God will be planted everywhere, this
0062   revolution will go everywhere, in every single land the
0063   revolution will happen. If it stops here it's not
0064   enough.
0066   I was in Tibet two summers ago. In a monastery with a
0067   hundred foot tall gold statue, Buddhists bowing down.
0068   You know what, I was not impressed. And I prophesized in
0069   that place. I said the Lord will be awesome when, not
0070   if, he destroys all, not some, of the gods of the land.
0071   The nations, the Tibetans on this shore, will worship him
0072   every one in its own land.
0074   Brothers and sisters, the scripture prophesized
0075   everywhere a never ending increase. In Revelation 7:9
0076   Paul looks, John looks and he says, "Before the throne of
0077   God I saw people from every nation, every people every
0078   tribe every tongue." I had a pastor once tell me, "Fred,
0079   you're too optimistic." I said, "Bro, can't you read?
0080   Revelation 7:9 says, 'And before me there was a great
0081   multitude that no one could count from every nation, a
0082   great multitude that no one could count from every tribe,
0083   a great multitude that no one could count from every
0084   people and language.'" How big is your God? My God is
0085   able to do that.
0087   I was in Bhutan, one of the most restricted access
0088   countries in the world. I was up at their highest
0089   monastery. No non-Buddhist has ever gotten into Taktsang
0090   Monastery. By a miracle of God I became the first
0091   non-Buddhist in all of history to set foot in Taktsang
0092   Monastery, the holiest place in Bhutan. While I was in
0093   there I was saying, "God I'm a weak frail human being but
0094   I can use David to bring down the giants. God tell me
0095   what should I say." God kept saying to me the book, the
0096   scripture in Hebrews, says "For our God is a consuming
0097   fire." For a half hour I walked around Taktsang saying
0098   "our God is a consuming fire, our God is a consuming
0099   fire, our God is a consuming fire." God destroy this
0100   place so your kingdom can be raised up.
0102   Brothers and sisters, a few months later, in the
0103   headlines of the newspapers around the world, Associated
0104   Press, "Buddhist monastery burns to the ground."
0106   Brothers and sisters, God wants to empower you as Davids
0107   and Deborahs, Joshuas and Calebs, to destroy the works of
0108   unrighteousness and plant the kingdom of God everywhere.
0109   But there are three billion people who still do not know
0110   Jesus. Three billion people in the ten forty window who
0111   do not know Jesus, two billion have never heard his name
0112   even one time. If the revolution stops here it's
0113   incomplete.
0115   God wants to win the whole world. It says in the book of
0116   Psalms, it says "his kingdoms shall rule from sea to sea
0117   and from the river to the ends of the earth." God wants
0118   you to go to the ends of the earth.
0120   Brothers and sisters, our Brother Lou said in the 1800s
0121   there was a movement called the student volunteer
0122   movement where college students raised themselves up to
0123   go to the mission field cause no one was sending them.
0124   In less than a hundred years over twenty thousand
0125   students went to what today is called the ten forty
0126   window and revolutionized the world. Brothers and
0127   sisters there are fifty million Christians now. I want
0128   to tell you today there are six hundred and fifty million
0129   radical Christians, thirteen times as many, we need to do
0130   better than the student volunteer movement, a ten percent
0131   growth would mean two hundred thousand new missionaries
0132   for the ten forty window to bring God's kingdom to the
0133   ends of the earth.
0135   Today God is giving the call, ask of me and I will give
0136   you the nations as your inheritance, the ends of the
0137   earth as your posession. How big is your vision? Do you
0138   want a piece of this? Do you want to be used of God like
0139   David, like Joshua, and Caleb to posess the land?
0141   We're calling, the Lord is calling for two hundred
0142   thousand new missionaries from your generation to bring
0143   his gospel to the ends of the earth. And I want you to
0144   respond right now. If you by your Holy Spirit you feel
0145   the call of God that you want to be like David to take on
0146   the giants, to plant the kingdom of God where it isn't, I
0147   want you to raise your hand right now as high as you can
0148   and I want you to, I want you to commit yourself in this
0149   moment, you want to take the gospel short term or long
0150   term into the ten forty window, would you raise your
0151   hand?
0153   And I want to pray for you. Lord Jesus, I just pray the
0154   anointing of your Holy Spirit upon my friends. Lord you
0155   said they are temples of the Holy Spirit, God. Use them,
0156   let your rivers of water flow through them short term or
0157   long term. God show them where you want them to go.
0158   Tear down the giants, plant your church. Bring your
0159   kingdom.
0161   Now those of you who just want to go short term put your
0162   hands down, only long term missionaries raise your hand.
0163   If you want to be a long term missionary I want to pray
0164   for you. Dear Jesus, the thing we need more than
0165   anything else is little Christs living in the ten forty
0166   window.
0168   I pray every one of my brothers and sisters right here
0169   today would make it to the mission field. Lord, three
0170   billion people without your gospel, only two percent of
0171   our missionaries there. Raise up two hundred thousand,
0172   God. By your holy spirit you will see your vision
0173   accomplished, God, that your church will be established,
0174   that your word will be true, that this gospel of the
0175   kingdom will be preached in the whole world as a
0176   testimony to all the nations, and then the end will
0177   come.

Last updated December 8, 2000


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