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Jubilations are known for credible speakers,
a huge selection of available Christian Patriot materials;
great food; inspiring music and lots of new contacts!



You will not forget Jubilation '98!


Here's the line up for Jubilation '98


    Keynote Banquet Speaker L.D. Brown former Arkansas Gov. Bill Clinton bodyguard, and Ex-Arkansas State Trooper will bring Jubilation '98 banquet go-ers an inside look at the Clinton's many escapades. He was there! Mr. Brown's wife was Chelsea Clinton's nanny! Hear the truth about Mena, White water and the cover-up. L.D. was extensively mentioned in Ambrose Evans Prichard's new book the "Secret Life of Bill Clinton." Don't miss this tell-all talk!


    Author, Feedom’s End - Conspiracy in Oklahoma will re-count the facts about his own arrest and his brother’s involvement (or lack there of) in the Murrah Federal Building bombing...

    Co-author of James’ new book (Freedom’s End) will also bring our guests facts about the bombing and the trials.


    from the Freedom Center will explain in layman’s terms what the Montana Freemen did and didn’t do and explain the trial now under way...

    Author of Militia Nation; and Contributing Editor, Media Bypass Magazine; will offer us an inside look at how the media works in his talk "Mastering The Media."


    America’s foremost Theocratic Economist. Author of Theocratic vs Democratic Money. What’s the truth about the "cash-less" society?

    Mr. anderson is a nationally respected lecturer and author on health issues. He will bring our guests the latest in health news and information. We will win the war against drugs… prescription drugs that are killing our children. .


    Mark Ludwig, author of The Millenium Bug -Gateway to the Cashless Society? Will the Year 2000 computer crash affect you? If so, how? Mr. Ludwig is a theoretical physicist, computer systems designer and programmer. Author of several books on computer viruses.


    Norma McCorvey!! Who is she? She is Jane Roe of the 1973 Supreme Court decision Roe Vs. Wade. McCorvey was the one who wanted an abortion! Now, 25 years later she has been called from darkness into His marvelous Light - Miss McCorvey vehemently opposes abortion! Hear her incredible story firsthand! Learn how she was used! She tells all!


    Jubilee contributing writer and Editor of the National Investor newsletter will MC the event…

    We know you'll never forget this guy!



Plus, you’ll hear from the many Jubilation ’98 vendors!



This year we are expanding our musical ensemble!
You will hear the music of ...





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