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Evangelism Explosion International

Evangelism Explosion International is an evangelistic organization founded by televangelist D. James Kennedy, pastor of Coral Ridge Presbyterian Church in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. It promotes the methods of evangelism contained in the book, Evangelism Explosion, also by Kennedy, one of the most popular evangelism manuals. It claims to have trained more people than Campus Crusade or any other organization.

The impression that we get from Evangelism Explosion is that it is a sales manual and not a religious text. While there is lip service given to the needs of individuals, the overwhelming impression is that the only thing that matters is that the church grows; converts are viewed as little more than interchangable pawns, the value of the work only being in the gathering of as many people as possible. The reporting form at the back of the text is indistinguishable from the charts that can be found in many sales offices. It's worth noting that direct marketing pioneer Rich DeVos, co-founder of the Amway Corporation, is a close associate of Kennedy's - a chapel at the Coral Ridge church is named for him.

Kennedy has since gone on to start Coral Ridge Ministries and the Center for Reclaiming America (CFRA). The CFRA, headed by longtime Ohio anti-abortion activist Janet Folger, is today most widely known for its advertising campaigns in newspapers, radio and television to promote so-called "ex-gay ministries." It has been working with Alabama judge Roy Moore to support his demand that the Ten Commandments hang in his courtroom, and is now working to implement organized and directed prayer and evangelism in public schools. Its yearly convention, "Reclaiming America for Christ," is largely centered upon encouraging evangelicals to promote their agenda through the political process and by working to legalize and legitimize evangelism in public schools and government facilities by various means.

Also affiliated with Kennedy and Evangelism Explosion is the Center for Christian Statesmanship, which works to establish prayer cell groups on Capitol Hill and in other Federal Government institutions.

Letter to an EE Vice President

This is our reply to an e-mail message to a vice president of Evangelism Explosion International who commented on this page. We explain how it is essential, when trying to make sense of the issue-oriented movements and identity politics promoted by evangelicals today, to be familiar with EE and other organizations and manuals that provide instruction in evangelism techniques. We also point out that the eventual consequence of the EE program is the creation of groups such as the CFRA; any movement that centers itself on the conversion of other people, and that plainly cannot accept "no" for an answer, will eventually resort to coercive techniques and demand the cooperation of secular government to perpetuate itself.   More

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Excerpts from Evangelism Explosion

View or purchase Evangelism Explosion at


Evangelism Explosion

D. James Kennedy
Fourth Edition
Tyndale House Publishers, Wheaton, Illinois, 1997.
Original publication date: 1970
Foreword by Billy Graham


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