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R.I.O.T. Manual

R.I.O.T. Manual: Righteous Invasion of Truth

Carman & Ron Luce
© Carman Ministries, 1995
ISBN: 0-917143-46-9
Sparrow Press, Nashville, TN


  • Notice that a riot does not take place in private. It is out in the open where everybody can see it. By its nature, it cannot be private. It has to get people's attention. Those in the riot are not ashamed that others are watching; they are proud. They will get their message out no matter what the cost. They feel they have tried everything they know and no one has listened. They feel forced to do something in a big, very visible way. Page 7

      RIGHTEOUS: Acting in accord with divine or moral law; free from guilt or sin. Arising from an outraged sense of justice or morality. To conform to the Bible.
      INVASION: Military aggression. Incursion of an army for conquest or plunder. An armed attack.
      OF TRUTH: Loyalty or faithfulness to a standard. Reality. The real state of affairs.
      Page 12

  • In a Righteous Invasion of Truth (R.I.O.T.), rather than being destroyed, people's lives are put back together. There may be some wreckage, though. When Satan's plans are destroyed he gets stinking mad. But we say it's about time we made him mad! Page 13

  • Before the L.A. riot, racial tensions mounted for a long time. People felt abused, taken advantage of and deceived. They felt they always got the raw end of the deal. Finally, they were pushed over the edge to DO something about it. The Rodney King trial verdict was the motivation they needed to revolt. A riot was the natural result.

    It's time for us to be mad that young people sit mesmerized for hours by mind-numbing music videos, distracted from paying attention to eternal issues. We should get mad that teens listen to hours and hours of anti-God, anti-Jesus music every day and spend only a few minutes reading the Bible (if that much!). We ought to be infuriated that many young people find their purpose for life in sports rather than in the One who made them in the first place.

    Likewise, we should be sick and tired of all the safe-sex jargon and of school officials who pass out condoms and advocate homosexuality as a normal, alternative lifestyle. The fact that 6,000 teens kill themselves every year ought to make us mad. We ought to be ticked off that teenage drunk driving is the second biggest killer of young people today. In addition, hearing statistics of the huge numbers of teens into drugs should make us want to do something about it. The fact that 1.2 million babies are born each year to unwed teens ought to drive us to action. Page 19

  • A R.I.O.T. Squad is a group of wild teens who want to stir up some trouble for the devil. They are tired of living a boring Christian life and they want some action. Page 26

  • Remember, there are no rules in a R.I.O.T. except:
    • Obey the Bible
    • Honor your authorities
    • Establish your own operating procedures as you go
    Remember the unrestrained uproar we talked about earlier? Now is the time to let it kick in! Are you mad about what the devil has been doing? Now is the time to do something about it!
    Page 30

  • Don't measure your success by how many souls you save; leave that to the Lord. Set your goals in terms of how many tactics you implement (see Weapons and Tactics Checklist, p. 140-41). The minimum goal for each R.I.O.T. Squad is to implement three weapons and three tactics for each R.I.O.T. Zone. That's twenty-seven weapons and twenty-seven tac tics put into action. Just imagine what you can do to destroy the devil's plans with that many tactics! Page 33

  • There are gun detectors and metal detectors installed in many high schools today, but they don't have any Holy Ghost detectors yet! What are they going to do - send you home if you bring the Holy Spirit to school? Nah! Kids say, "We can't pray at school!" Who is there to stop you? They say you can not bring God into the school. You cannot help but bring Him in; He lives inside you! Page 42

  • We'd like you to implement these tactics all the time, but put at least three or four into action each and every week. Page 67

  • All this evidence of God demands a verdict; it demands that we make a decision. Are we going to give our lives to Jesus or keep our lives to ourselves? We can't not make a decision; we decide either for God or against Him. Page 73

  • Once a week plan a major activity for your R.I.O.T. Squad in front of your school before school starts. As students and teachers walk by, they stop and watch because you capture their attention.

    Try holding a mock funeral - with a casket even! - in front of your school. Use music and a whole funeral service. In the middle of it, someone jumps out of the casket and tells the crowd, "I'm alive, like Jesus is alive today." Page 78

  • Implement the Captive Audience tactic whenever you give a speech or presentation or write a paper for class. Don't let a chance like that go by without talking about the Lord. It takes courage and guts and needs to be done creatively. You don't have to share a sermon, just weave God into whatever your topic is. You have a captive audience; they can't go anywhere. They have to listen to you, so give them some thing worth listening to and remembering. Page 88

  • With the Mall Blitz tactic, your R.I.O.T. Squad infiltrates a shopping mall. Be careful with this one - some security guards may see this as harassing the customers. In a Mall Blitz, you arm yourself with tracts, then march through the mall handing them out and going crazy letting people know that Jesus loves them.

    This has been tried with more than a thousand kids at a time in one mall. Although you probably won't have that many people, go in with the idea of completely canvassing the mall. Leave tracts with every person and in every place you can. For example, go into bookstores and place them inside books, so when people buy a book they also get a tract. Put tracts in the hands of mannequins and in pockets of pants. It's exciting to think you can massively impact a number of people with a message from the Lord, helping them become God-conscious and leading them closer to making a decision for Jesus. Page 89

  • In most towns you'll find Mormon or Jehovah's Witnesses churches. There are other cults represented in almost every city in America. Find tracts that address the cult's perspective of life from a Biblical viewpoint, then go Behind Enemy Lines - into their church buildings. When the building is open, go in and pray and bind the devil. Then, discreetly insert tracts into books in their pews. When they have their next service, those who see the tracts will get a surprise that could give them a new life! Page 94

  • Street drama doesn't have to be complicated. It could be as simple as one of your R.I.O.T. Squad members falling on the ground pretending to be choking. You fall down beside her and ask, "Does anyone know CPR?" Another R.I.O.T. Squad member runs up while everyone is gathering around. When you have everyone's atten tion say... Page 97

  • Here is another unique tactic for getting into people's hearts. Take your R.I.O.T. Squad out with a video camera and do interviews at the mall, at school, at a ball game or at a local hangout. Walk up to a group of people and tell them you're making a video program. You aren't lying - just don't say it's going to be on T.V. Ask them if you can videotape them. Most people will agree... It gives you an excuse to talk to people you don't know, because you are "making a video program." Page 99

  • I left my private school to go to public school so that I could start a Bible club and be a witness. We asked the principal for permission and he was all for it. We even got our own page in the yearbook without even asking. Page 102

  • You see some body at school or work who is in big trouble. She is not her normal self. You can tell by the way she talks and acts that she's hurting. Maybe her grades are messed up. Maybe she hasn't been coming to class or youth group like she used to. You've heard she's been doing drugs and that they are now messing up her life. There is a big-time reason to go after her, so implement the High-speed Chase... Focus on chasing that person down and giving her the gospel. Begin to hang out with her and go places with her. Sit next to her in class and start conversations. Ask all the other R.I.O.T. Squad members to do the same. Relentlessly pursue this person until you know you've got a good dose of the gospel in her. Don't give up until she has responded positively to it. Page 106

  • The Locker Invasion tactic simply means your R.I.O.T. Squad puts tracts in every locker in your school... You might decide to use this tactic regularly - once a week or month. But be creative and use a different tract each time. When there is a Carman concert or a youth event coming up, use the tickets as tracts. On one side print the gospel, on the other side advertise the event, then shove them through those slots. Why do you think they put slots on lockers - for ventilation only? No way! They're there to help you get the gospel into people's lives.Page 112

  • Another Bathroom Revival tactic is putting tracts in the toilet paper dispenser. If you have the roll-up kind, unroll it and put the tracts in one at a time as you roll it back up. As the paper is unrolled, the tracts will fall out one at a time. Page 113

  • can infiltrate the cafeteria by putting a tract on every tray before people pick them up. As they're holding their tray in line, they will begin to read the tract and find out more about the Lord. When they reach for a napkin, they'll pick up a tract because you've infiltrated the napkin holders with tracts. After a while people will get the message that there is an invasion going on in their school - a Righteous Invasion of Truth. Page 114

  • Also, many of the tactics we described in Part 3 directly apply to your school. As a teenager, most of your time will be spent in school. So from sun up to sun down, let people know that there is a group of radical young warriors ready to cause a R.I.O.T. It is time for people to realize that God is alive and on the scene. He lives in the hearts of thousands of fired-up, wild teenagers who refuse to compromise their walk with God. Page 125

  • discretion when implementing a R.I.O.T. tactic at work; you could lose your job if you do too much. This is where you need to hear the Holy Spirit. If you lose your job you will not have the opportunity to minister to that group of people anymore. However, if you compromise you may have a tough time living with yourself knowing those people will go to hell while you did nothing to prevent it... you may have to refuse to do something your boss asks you to do because it goes against Scripture. It may cost you your job, but that's better than their losing salvation for eternity. Page 127

  • Petition your local cable company. Get signatures of people who want to see MTV taken off the air. Ask area church members to sign petitions saying they will cancel their cable unless they take MTV out of your region. There are documented cases where this has worked. Try this radical R.I.O.T. tactic, and keep your community from being brainwashed with MTV. Page 129

  • Sign a petition. Last year on The Standard tour, Carman gathered one million names on a petition that said, "We want prayer back in school." Page 130

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